Company Profile





Corporate purposes:

"Professional tools, professional manufacturing".

Bohai has always been based on the needs of customers to provide high-quality professional products and services for professional users.

Based on development and innovation, adhere to sustainable development, and carefully build each professional tool.

corporate vision:

Strive to make the industry's most cost-effective cutting machine.

Business philosophy:

Pragmatic, innovative, win-win and sustainable development.

Pragmatic: Bohai has always been dedicated to the development of cutting machines, creating multi-level products for different customer needs. Effectively implement the principle of benefiting users with peace of mind and make every product.

Innovation: accumulating years of manufacturing experience and constantly pursuing technological updates, innovation is the normal work of Bohai.

A win-win situation: establish strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers to form a stable and healthy community of interests and common development. Within the company, people-oriented, respect for employees.

Sustainable development: Follow the enterprise's goals, establish and improve the enterprise's system, improve the enterprise's market position, and do not seek stability at the expense of later-stage benefits.